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Even as a young girl, Beth had her own taste and distinctive style, mixing the newest trends with vintage looks. At Columbia College, she helped to initiate a program for costume design.  While finishing her last semester in LA, she was invited to organize and teach a class in design for tv and movies. (Not sure about the class.) From then until now, Beth has brought creativity and imagination to the many projects in which she has been involved.
— Love,  Mom
Beth Morgan is a standout. She is not a wall flower. You will leave an interaction with her knowing who she is, what she’s about and knowing that she is fun.

Her Midwestern roots make her approachable and hard working. It also gives her the ability to laugh a little too loud sometimes. From the time we spent together in college until now, as bi-costal best friends, Beth has always shown commitment to her work, her personal and business relationships and to finding the perfect white t-shirt.

Now that she’s established herself I have seen her career grow and her name attached to some kick-ass projects. I don’t think anyone who knows Beth is surprised, because everything Beth does she does well and has fun doing it; which you can see in the quality of her work and the life she is busy creating for herself.
— Mari Taisch, BFF
Beth has always had a determined personality. This trait has served her well when looking for jobs she thought interesting.

On one of her first jobs, she walked into a design Center, looked around and said,” you need me here.” The sales clerk smiled, but after 15 minutes with the owner, she got the job.

As a father, the only advise I gave her was,” you don’t buy fashion, you create fashion.”

Her determined attitude thru the years has served her well.
— Dad
Expressing your individuality is not an easy task while growing up in the suburbs in the Midwest in the 80’s and 90’s. For most, being a pre-teen and teen meant doing your best to be as much like your peers as possible. For as long as I can remember, Beth was the exception to that rule. I am her big sister, 20 months older, and part of the group that did its best not to stand out. While I followed the trends from the window displays at Express or The Limited, Beth was busy mixing and matching anything she could find from thrift stores, our grandmother’s attic and the sale racks at TJ Maxx.
As the first member of our family to attend college, I played it safe and went to business school. While our parents urged Beth in the same direction, she was true to herself. They tried to convince her to at least include a minor in Marketing to go along with her Theatre Studies, but she didn’t want to waste her time on anything else. In the years that followed, we have seen her tackle her career with the same creativity, energy and determination.
— My sister, Jayne: who also happens to be a badass. check her out